Interview with our sound designer, Tendai Humphrey Sitima!

- What first excited you about working on the project? 

Abundance of Tim’s is a fun and exciting project. I watched it’s first performance and simply had to be involved. I thought I could offer something and enjoyed the unique challenges the shows presented. It’s great to see clever creative grassroots Theatre, it’s even better to be involved in it! 

Humphrey 2 copy.jpeg

- What has been the most challenging part of designing for the show? 

The central challenge presented in this show’s design was creating a musical and sonic language that supported the emotional and dramatic journey of the story, whilst also staying true to the whimsical Tim filled world we had to create. Almost every sound heard in the show is Tim’s voice. I ended up creating elaborate orchestral arrangements, and getting Tim to multi track record all the parts acapella. 

What aspects of the design are you most looking forward to the audience experiencing? 

The whole show is an absolute treat; I can’t wait for people to see it! That said, Tim did manage to do an absurdly brilliant one man multi track performance of Mozart’s Lacrimosa. That’s certainly one to not be missed!

Tendai Humphrey Sitima is a London based, Zimbabwean born actor/musician. He trained with RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) on their foundation Acting course. His most recent acting credits include various roles in Gobbledegook Theatre’s The Tales of Beatrix Potter; Curly and Bill Dukes in Guild of Misrule’s Neverland which played at the Vault festival (London 2018, following a short run at Theatre Deli in Sheffield), Aaron the Moor in Titus Andronicus (Rose Playhouse) and James Othello in Not what I am (Dogs of War Theatre). Humphrey is a multi instrumentalist. He also works as freelance composer and sound designer; he has worked with several clients including: Oreo (composer & vocalist), RBS Six nations (Sound design & musical direction) and ITV (composer, vocalist, sound design). He is also working on his debut Jazz/soul EP

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